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For the First Time in the History of Aviation…

InFlight Labs, LLC introduces the revolutionary new 2-Way Audio / Video communication technology for aircraft called SkyBridge™ InFlight Video Communications.

The SkyBridge™ software interface enhances and promotes safety through convenient, accurate and reliable communication which has never been offered before…

Safety & Communication for Everyone…

SkyBridge™ InFlight Video Communications benefits not only pilots, but flight attendants, airline staff, passengers, government personnel and homeland security. This is the next generation of audio / video communications, and you won’t believe how easy it is to use…



The Next Generation of Communication…

With SkyBridge™ InFlight Video Communications,  government officials, homeland security and the aviation industry can now have visual connectivity – an invaluable resource in routine and  crisis-based communication.

Invaluable Situational Awareness within Seconds…

Leveraging SkyBridge™ InFlight Video Communications, government officials, homeland security and aviation have access to fast and accurate communication within seconds. Time is of the essence in the event of a unforeseen crisis, and using the SkyBridge™ platform allows you to be prompt and quickly connected to help.


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