Exceeding Expectations

    InFlight Labs, LLC was founded in 2009 to serve the aviation, emergency services and homeland security markets as a catalyst for new communications solutions world-wide.

    Over the past few years, InFlight Labs has leveraged its proprietary technology develops to become the leading independent developer of: The first ‘Air-to-Ground’ GPS based inflight emergency communication service for aircraft.

    The first broadcast situational awareness technology to government officials from aircraft and most recently (July 2013) the first ‘Aircraft-to-Ground’ 2-way audio/video communications for flight attendants, air marshals and pilots for routine and emergency communications.

    InFlight Labs, is proud to be recognized for the prestigious the Leading InFlight 911 Service for aircraft and a finalist for the “2013 Safety Leadership of the Year” Excellence Award by Air Traffic Control and Air Traffic Management Global communities.

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    From business plan to launch, InFlight Labs, LLC has dedicated it’s focus on being the best and most progressive solution provider of market specific products for inflight safety, security and next generation communications platforms for the global aviation market.

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