Autonomous Distress Tracking System - GADSS
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A New Level of Safety

Next Generation Security

Shared Situational Awareness


InFlight Labs, the Aerospace Development Center for Emergency Location Devices has been Leading the Way for GADSS/Distress Aircraft Tracking Development Since 2011.

Our Technologies are the Cornerstone of Today’s Global Aeronautical Distress Safety System Standards (GADSS).


Smart GADSS is Leading the World-Wide Aviation Industry for InFlight Anomaly Detection and Triggering Technology of Distressed Aircraft…

Methods of Activation During Flight:

  • Avionics Parameter Breach
  • Power Failure
  • Data Parameter Breach
  • Device Tampering
  • In-Flight Attitude Parameter Breach
  • ATC Remote Activation/Reset over Iridium Satellite Constellation


Safety & Communication for Everyone…

InFlight Labs services and technology benefits pilots, flight attendants, airline staff, passengers, government personnel and homeland security. This is the next generation of safety in aviation…



For the First Time in the History of Aviation…

Coming in 2020 InFlight Labs will introduces the revolutionary new 2-Way Audio / Video communication technology for aircraft called SkyBridge™ InFlight Video Communications.

Invaluable Situational Awareness within Seconds…

InFlight Labs unique resources have been recognized by government officials, homeland security, and aviation have access to fast and accurate communication of situational information within seconds. Time is of the essence in the event of an unforeseen crisis. and using the InFlight Labs platform allows you to be prompt and quickly connected to help everyone.

InFlight Labs DHS


The Next Generation of Safety…

InFlight Labs is proud to be recognized for its developments by the Global Air Traffic Control Community and to be a Finalist for the “Safety Leadership of the Year Award”…

Helping to Build a Connected Ecosystem in Aviation…

InFlight Labs, LLC is leading the way to the next frontier for worldwide deployment and collaboration of Distress Tracking Technologies for Aerospace, Maritime, DOD, and Mass Transit.

From the outset, InFlight Labs carefully considered strategies and different approaches to take on this specific issue. Our goal is to ensure that we reserve the intelligence and resources to achieve our mission.


A Visionary Company

Visionary companies do not only try to see into the future – they create the future. InFlight Labs, LLC is no different, we engage in activities ranging from basic research through full design system integration and proprietary development for aerospace, defense and communication systems.

InFlight Labs Development Center is recognized as an industry leader and innovator by governing bodies across the globe such as ICAO, RTCA, EUROCAE, DHS and many others. Our team is comprised of an extensive technological knowledge base of industry leading experts ranging from scientists and engineers to public employees and contractors. Contact us to learn more…