InFlight Labs “Autonomous Distressed Aircraft Tracking” Technology is Poised to Meet ICAO’s Requirements

nFlight Labs, LLC has developed Smart GADSS™ the FIRST Autonomous Distressed Aircraft Tracking System that communicates via a “Satellite-to-Aircraft” link that is activated by ATC Ground Command when there is a loss of either radio or transponder communication with an aircraft, or when a pilot squawks a 7700-emergency message, or broadcasts a “May Day Distress Call.” The Smart GADSS™ system continuously tracks the aircraft through all phases of flight via the GNSS (global navigation satellite system) and the Search and Rescue satellite constellation anywhere in the world…

The “tamper-proof” Smart GADSS (Global Aeronautical Distress Safety System) is a game changer for tracking aircraft that may be in a distressed situation or for an aircraft that is no longer in communication with ATC and are presumed missing.  The unique feature of Smart GADSS™ is the fact that it can be remotely activated or reset while an aircraft is in flight; thus making it the first GADSS to offer this functionality says company spokesman Joseph Bekanich.

The Smart GADSS,™ tracks the distressed aircraft utilizing GPS-based technology as well as the global search and rescue satellite constellation (COSPAS-SAT).  The autonomous Smart GADSS™ enables both GPS and ground-based stations to continually track the aircraft’s location in pre-determined (1 minute or less) time increments within moments of a triggering event.  

InFlight Labs Smart GADSS™ has developeda compliment of “Smart”products such as Smart ELT™ (which can trigger the existing ELT during an inflight crisis either by pre-programmed parameters or by ground-based command, i.e. ATC) and Smart ADS-B.  The Smart technology is also configurable to be activated by other avionics such as a FDR, ADS-B, TAWS, or the aircraft Transponder.

“The self-powered Smart GADSS™ weighing less than 2 lbs., and is designed to “Plug and Play” into the existing aircraft’s electrical/avionics systems architecture without any modification to the existing avionics interface or wire configuration minimizing the cost of fleet deployment.

In addition, Smart GADSS™ incorporates a ULB (Underwater Locator Beacon) system which activates concurrently with a Smart GADSS™ triggering event so that the aircraft can be tracked should it land in the water.

Smart GADSS™ and/or Smart ELT™ are powerful assets that will offer real-time assistance to track missing or distressed aircraft on a world-wide basis,” says company spokesman Joseph Bekanich.  “InFlight Labs, LLC Smart Avionics will fill the void for global aircraft tracking, addressing avionics anomalies, power interruptions, and device tampering concerns,” states Bekanich.

About InFlight Labs, LLC

InFlight Labs, LLC, with corporate offices in Washington, DC, provides industry-leading solutions for real-time distressed aircraft tracking that supports the Global Aircraft Tracking initiatives and meets or exceeds the world-wide ICAO mandates for ELT and GADSS.

The InFlight Labs team works closely with special committees such as; ICAO, FAA, NTSB, RTCA and EUROCAE in conjunction with leading industry manufacturers to develop solutions for the upside benefit of today’s world-wide aviation industry. 

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